What is Blockchain Technology & How it Works?

You must have heard about crypto currency and bitcoin. News about this continues to come in different ways. The ad continues to run. And people also keep hearing about Blockchain Technology. In which article today we are going to talk about what is blockchain technology? And how does it work? When and by whom was … Read more

Whatsapp Community Feature & its Benefits

Whatsapp Community Feature & its Benefits

Whatsapp Community Feature Whatsapp has launched a new feature for its users. The name of this feature of Whatsapp is Whatsapp Communities You will be very happy to know that through Whatsapp Community Feature you can join 50 different groups together. That is, now you can connect with many groups at once. The Whatsapp Community … Read more

What is Quantum Computing? Understand in easy language.

Quantum Computing is a rapidly emerging technology. Which normal computers have a lot of trouble in running the programs. Or can hardly run them. It can be run very easily by Quantum Computing. The work can be done faster.. In which article today we will talk about Quantum Computing What is Quantum Computing? What is … Read more